Payroll & Pension Services, and CIS

Payroll Service

Running payroll (and auto enrolment pension) can be time consuming and complicated and can divert resources from the core activities of your business. The implementation of Real-Time Information means HMRC require information generally on or before the date of payment to the employee. Whatever the size or complexity or your business we can help you either by providing a complete, cost-effective outsourced payroll service or simply provide you with support when needed.

At BC&A we have a dedicated Payroll & Pension team to providing an efficient and cost effective service. Payroll and pension outsourcing allows you to concentrate on more important issues affecting your business.

We provide payroll and pension services to more than 500 clients, whether it’s weekly, fortnightly, or monthly run. Our dedicated team are there to help with your ad hoc payroll and employment queries when they arise.

We have the facility to load your employees’ pay reports on an online portal, and for larger businesses we can facility auto wage payments through a 3rd party software.

Auto Enrolment Pension

Setting up a workplace pension scheme can be complex, time-consuming and costly, even for smaller businesses with fewer employees.

Our Payroll team can administer your scheme on your behalf and will maintain the ongoing compliance, liaising directly with your chosen pension provider by uploading the pension data.

Deciding on contribution levels is something that we can advise upon by looking at the financial impact upon your business whilst ensuring you are meeting the criteria set out by auto enrolment regulations.

There may also be other complex issues to be addressed that we can advise upon, such as high staff turnover, staff on zero hours contracts, internationally mobile staff, or workers whose employment status is unclear.

Whatever the scenario our auto enrolment experts are experienced and can help talk you through the impact on your business and advise on the best route forward.

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) sets out the special tax rules for subcontractors who work in the construction industry and how payments must be handled by contractors.

Services we provide for contractors:

  • Register you with HM Revenue & Customs as a Contractor
  • Verify your subcontractors with HMRC
  • Ensure you pay your subcontractors correctly within the scheme
  • Supply deduction statements to the subcontractors
  • Keep your records in good order and supply HMRC with monthly returns.

Make sure you do not incur penalties by failing to submit your monthly returns to HMRC.

As a contractor, you are required to meet specific obligations under the scheme, including registering with HMRC, checking whether your subcontractors are registered with HMRC, paying subcontractors, deducting tax and submitting monthly statements confirming these payments.

If you are a sub-contractor, your main obligation is to register with HMRC. You must also keep HMRC informed of any changes to your business such as changes to your business address, business name, business partners and other relevant information.


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