Lost and Unclaimed Pension Pots

The UK currently faces a remarkable situation with an estimated £26.6 billion in lost and unclaimed pension pots. This figure is particularly striking considering the increasing age of retirement and the common occurrence of pension shortfalls. It underscores the crucial need for proactive retirement planning, a process often overlooked until it becomes critically late.

Understanding Lost and Unclaimed Pensions

A staggering one in four people in the UK have lost track of at least one pension, leading to nearly three million unclaimed pension pots. The average value of these lost pensions is around £9,500, which can be even higher, averaging £16,004 for individuals aged between 55 and 75.

A significant contributor to this issue is the evolving nature of modern careers. Unlike previous generations, where long-term employment with a single company was standard, the average individual today is expected to change jobs 11 times over their lifetime, potentially initiating a pension with each role. Complicating matters further, only 4% of people notify their pension providers when they move, with the average person changing addresses eight times. The implementation of auto-enrolment pension schemes is likely to increase the number of unclaimed pensions.

Finding Lost Pensions

The good news is that these lost pension pots are not gone; they are typically invested and continue to grow with the provider. To reclaim these pensions, individuals should start by contacting past employers to identify the pension providers. In cases where contacting an employer isn’t feasible, reaching out to former colleagues can be beneficial.

The UK government offers a pension tracing service on GOV.UK, and the Association of British Insurers (ABI) can also assist in this process. There are private tracing services available, though they come with a cost. Caution is advised in this area, as pension tracing has been a target for scammers, and cold calling in this sector is prohibited.

The Future: Pension Dashboards

Pension dashboards are an upcoming digital solution designed to help individuals manage their pension savings more effectively. These dashboards, expected to be rolled out by October 2026, will provide a consolidated view of a person’s pension savings across different schemes.

Consolidating Multiple Pensions

With the increase in job mobility, over half of pension savers now have two or more pension pots. Consolidation can simplify management, potentially reduce fees, offer a broader range of investment options, and provide access to various features aiding in retirement planning. However, those considering consolidation should proceed with caution due to the prevalence of scams in this area.

Navigating the Complex Pension Landscape

The UK’s pension system is intricate and has undergone significant changes in recent years, making understanding and navigating it more challenging than ever. Planning for retirement is crucial, and seeking professional advice can provide clarity and direction. We encourage you to reach out to us for informed strategies tailored to your retirement planning needs.


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